Holi in Russia

Holi in Russia

Russian Holi Mela (Festival of Colors) in St. Petersburg

Holi in Russia 2021

Celebrating their holidays to the fullest is one of the things that Russians and Indians have in common. This yearÂ’s Holi celebration in Moscow makes a case in point.

The Indian community in Moscow started paying tribute to the festival of colors, Weekend two days after the official date of its celebration, March 2021. The first celebratory events took place at the beginning of the month creating a stark contrast between snowy Moscow in March and the splendor of colors at the dance contest devoted to the celebration of Holi on March 28 at the Gubkin Cultural Center.

Now the Indians longing to continue celebrating Holi are looking forward to an event in March, which is unofficially the main occasion marking the festival in the Russian capital. The highlight Holi in Russia of the event is a dance contest at the House of Culture of the MAI Institute, a new home for the celebration of the festival in Moscow.

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Russian Girl Playing Holi

Celebrating Holi in the Russian capital is not only a festive occasion, but like anything that involves the small Indian community, it is a chance to get to socialise and network. The event on March 2728 is arranged by the Indian Business Alliance and is a good opportunity to discuss important topics in an informal atmosphere.

In just four years, the event has grown with its audience going up from 7,000 to 8,000 visitors and has become an increasingly anticipated event in the city’s festival calendar, among both the Indian and Russian communities.

The get-together will feature Indian music and dance programs, arts and craft displays, and cultural workshops to go along with Indian food. The main attraction is the rang party where visitors get the opportunity to celebrate Holi the proper way, providing a powerful and visible depiction of equality and acceptance of cultural diversity.

Although some Indians feel that celebrating Holi in Moscow is quite the same as it is back home, they still perceive the holiday as something special and eagerly wait for it.
Holi in Moscow

Holi in Russia 2021

Narendra R. Shrivastava, an Indian who has been living in Moscow for a long time, shares his plans for celebrating Holi in Moscow: “Here is a no difference in the way we celebrate Holi in India and in Russia. In Moscow, there are a few little limitations due to differences in civic sensibilities and other limitations… Holi for me has always been an exciting festival which I always look forward to. I will be celebrating with my friends in Moscow. My family lives in India and this year because of professional commitments I will not be able to visit them during this Holi.”

While the magic of Holi in India can be replicated in Moscow, the celebrations in the Russian capital serve their true purpose and colorfully herald the spring.


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Russian Holi Mela Festival of Colors in St. Petersburg
Russian Holi Mela (Festival of Colors) in St. Petersburg

In general, the festival of colors Holi is traditionally celebrated by the youth of India. It is believed that with the paint, which falls on the person celebrating during the festival, he also receives good wishes and positive thoughts in his address. Therefore, this festival is considered to be the most colorful and cheerful event.

All guests of the festival will hear loud live music, the natural color of Holi from India in unlimited quantities, happiness, carefree and fun. Participation is free; you need to take a good mood only!

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This year due to COVID-19 festival may be affected due to social distancing norms. Please follow Local Government and W.H.O Guidelines