How to play safe Holi to Protect your Skin and Hair

Holi 2017 hair skin precautions

2021 Play Safe Holi to Protect your Skin and Hair

Holi!!! Yes, Holi 2021 coming up!! Full of colors!! A Time for Masti And Lots of Colours 🙂

How to Protect Skin from Holi Colours

How to play safe Holi to Protect your Skin and Hair this year

Everyone loves to celebrate this Holi, you too right!! Are you planned how to celebrate Holi this year? Have prepared a list of things required to play Holi? Well, but you need to change one thing in your plan. Guess what it is? No idea, okay I’ll tell you. Instead of planning for how to celebrate this year’s Holi, look for how to play Safe Holi, because you need to protect your skin and hair right!!

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How to play safe Holi to protect your hair?

Some people go with a natural way and uses herbal options without chemical mixed colors to celebrate Holi, but some people use eggs, grease, and also synthetic colors. While playing Holi, there should be chances to use chemical products and we all spread these colors on others. At the time, we cover our body except for our face and hair, so your face and hair should get damage because of chemicals.

Therefore, you need to protect your skin and hair right!! Wondering about how to protect your skin and face? Then exactly this is the right place to obtain a few tips for your search.

Tips to protect your Hair:

In order to care for your hair, you have to take precaution steps-on before and after the celebration of the Holi festival. So, below are the tips which you have to do before and after the big Holi party.

Do before playing Holi:

  • Apply warm coconut oil or a mixture of castor and jojoba oil on your scalp and hair on the night before the Holi day.
  • Take a towel and dip it in hot water. And cover your head and hair with the warmed towel for 30 minutes just a night before you planned for Holi.
  • Is your scalp very sensitive? Then apply lemon juice on your scalp to protect your head.

Do after playing Holi:

  • After finishing the Holi 2020 celebration, wash your hair with normal water to remove the colors and again rinse off using your regular shampoo, but don’t wash more than one time on the same day.
  • Instead of that apply coconut oil and wash the hair with normal shampoo on the next day.
  • There are chances to lose your hair, so use Fenugreek (methi) seeds. Leave the small amount of fenugreek in water for a night. Then the next day, grind it well like a paste and apply it on your scalp and let it dry for 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair with mild shampoo.

How to play safe Holi to Protect your Skin and Hair

Tips to protect your skin:

Chemicals in colors should affect your skin, so try the following tips to get rid of skin damages.

  • Drink plenty of water to enhance hydration, because chemicals in colors should lead to dehydration.
  • If you feel any irritation on the skin, then clean that area with cold water and then use moisturizer.
  • Before moving to play Holi, apply good qualified toner on your facial skin to avoid damages.
  • Remove colors on your face with a dry hand, instead of washing with water, because it spreads even more if you rinse off with water.

Hence, try to enjoy the Holi festival with natural colors, Organic Colour, Harbal Colors, otherwise, follow the above-mentioned tips to protect your hair and skin. Happy Holi!!

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