Tips on How to Play Safe Holi

Tips to Play Safe Holi

Holi is one of the festivals mostly waited by Hindu people all around the world. It is a huge celebration in which people use colorful powders to color their body.

Play Safe Holi

Here we’ll find some important Tips on How to Play Safe Holi

What Is Holi Actually?

Holi is a big festival celebrated by Hindu people in order to welcome spring season as a symbol of fertility, love, and color. This celebration also symbolizes the power of good. Having another name as “Color Festival”, the celebration involves the use of colorful powder to cover people’s body.


How to Play Safe Holi

So, how to play safe Holi so it can be a great celebration without any risk for you? Here are the tips.

1. Keep yourself away from bonfire during the Holi eve.

2. Make sure to wear clothes with long sleeves to help you protect your body from coloring powder. This is because some coloring powders contain substances that might cause you to suffer from allergy.

3. Make sure to pick up coloring powder made of herbal materials such as marigold and turmeric, flowers. These natural materials are safer for your body and without negative effect. Try to make colours at home using turmeric, marigold flowers or herbal colours; else buy herbal formulations. Use more of light red or pink colours, which look good and can easily be taken off. Avoid bright purple, green, yellow and orange colours as these are more likely to contain harmful ingredients.

4. Apply moisturizing oil or lotion to your body before you start coating yourself with the coloring powders.

Wish You All Very Happy Holi